A Review of Paving Options

Today’s post comes courtesy of Belgard Hardscapes.

Paver walkways and driveways outperform both asphalt and concrete in a number of areas.

  • Seamless repairs allow for lasting beauty
  • Stronger and more flexible to resist the effects of varied temperatures and moisture
  • More aesthetically pleasing and adaptable to various architectural and landscaping needs
  • Slip resistant
  • Better hydrological performance
Cambridge Cobble Sunset

It is true that the up front cost of installing pavers is higher than asphalt or concrete. However, over the life of the investment, the paver option is the most affordable because it will not require replacement for over 30 years. Asphalt and concrete will crack and will require sealing, patching and replacement several times during the life span of a paver driveway.

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