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It’s a Brick House

In 1991 my wife and I bought a “starter” home in Maple Grove. It had orange siding, a small amount of orange brick and a buckskin roof. After several years of finishing the basement we decided we needed more room for storage so we added on to the garage. We wanted to change the exterior appearance of our home and we knew we wanted brick because we love it. Continue reading

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A Review of Paving Options

Paver walkways and driveways outperform both asphalt and concrete in a number of areas.
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Queen Of Leftovers

My family knows that I can open a refrigerator that holds nothing but leftovers and butter and whip up a gourmet meal. It’s a challenge I enjoy, especially with the economy the way it’s been lately. I refuse to waste anything that has still has a possible use. Two of my favorite landscape features came from the clearance area at Hedberg. My paver patio is a combination of several paver colors. We call that a “field blend”. It’s like a gourmet meal made from leftovers. The other is a small mosiac flagstone patio, a patchwork motif. Continue reading

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