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Rainwater Harvesting, Stormwater Mitigation

Urban runoff is the number one cause of pollution in our lakes, rivers and streams. What’s more, it’s estimated that 50% of a Minnesota home’s water use is for exterior irrigation. We’re buying municipal water and letting the free water run down the street. There are many small things each of us can do to reduce the amount of water leaving our properties and carrying pollutants and excess nutrients through storm drain systems to our beloved lakes, including rainwater harvesting systems that capture and store rainwater for reuse later.
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It’s a Brick House

In 1991 my wife and I bought a “starter” home in Maple Grove. It had orange siding, a small amount of orange brick and a buckskin roof. After several years of finishing the basement we decided we needed more room for storage so we added on to the garage. We wanted to change the exterior appearance of our home and we knew we wanted brick because we love it. Continue reading

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Experiencing the Eco Experience

The twelve best days of summer are here, in my opinion. The Minnesota State Fair is in full swing, with rides and barkers, livestock and everything-on-a-stick. Part of the fun of the fair, for me, has always been seeing what’s new. This year’s Eco Experience delights me by showing not only what’s new in sustainable building, landscaping, energy and transportation, it brings it together at the community level. Continue reading

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